Monday, 15 January 2018

Hand spun Hand dyed!

So I have some eye candy for you yarny types today. New in shop this morning is a whole bunch of goodies I dyed up over the weekend and there is still more to come! Below is a great big soft squishy conglomeration of different things all photographed together just because it looks so pretty that way. but further on I have tried to single things out a bit to give you descriptions with products so you can get a clearer idea of what you are looking at...
Ok in the picture below this writing you have got three skeins of sock weight Opal yarn from Germany. It is 100% superwash wool with a bit of nylon for strength. My hand dyed sock yarn is 100% percent machine washable. It's light fast. Wash fast. It wont, shrink, fade or felt. I use Ciba Acid dyes from Maiwa in Vancouver with are top of the line commercial grade dyes. Each skein is hand dyed individually then steam set and then individually rinsed until the rinse water runs completely clear. 

These lovely squishy skeins are something I made up special. They are hand spun and hand dyed and they will be Roisin's. It's hard to tell in a photo but they are actually a bit bulkier than thesock yarn in the last photo. I don't think any of my photo's truly capture their weight well. They are plied. Two strand and about a worsted/Aaran weight?? I am thinking they would make a lovely sweater or maybe be great for one of Roisin's Zevolution J sweater coats... I have a large bag and a half of this lovely stuff that I am going to dye and then have to come up with a purpose for... the mind races! By bag I mean the size of a feed sack. 😍

This picture gives you a good look at all the new colors of sock yarn that I dyed! It's lovely stuff. It has that touch of nylon so your toes and heals don't wear through. Takes the dye brilliantly! I super love working with it.

This photo has combed top creeping into it...

This is a four oz braid of combed top! Doesn't it look marvelous? I made up a bunch of this stuff and it will be on sale through the shop! It is for spinning and felting. It's 100% merino wool. Soft as butter and super colorful.

Ok! so that's what I brought with me to work today!
Hope you enjoyed your sneak peak!
Common down to see it in person if you like...
More coming soon, and lots of other new stuff!
Until then...
💖Happy Knitting💖

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