Saturday, 7 March 2015

Little A's Hat

Here is Little A wearing his Malabrigo Rios beanie (knit for him by me, his Great-Auntie Alane) before he heads out into the cold Ontario afternoon with his mum (the photographer) and his grandmother. Little A's dad, Big A, has a matching one. 

And here is Big A wearing his matching beanie. Two adorable fellows!


Anonymous said...

Malabrigo always looks so wonderful and this fits so well too!
Congrats Alane. Looks like it matches his eyes too.

Roisin said...

didn't sign my name to comment, Roisin

Alane said...

It does match right now, Roisin...he's too wee for his eyes to have fully changed colour...just 5 weeks old. His dad has light blue eyes, his mum, brown. Can't remember what this means his will be!

Nigel said...

Great job on both hats Alane. And it looks like they will be well used and loved.

Nigel said...

Looks like genes are running true Alane. That young woman sure looks similar to you.